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On June 1st Sweden’s most recent wood products company started operations. Gällö Timber comprises the sawmill at Gällö. 

Gällö Timber is another step in the extensive cooperation between SCA and Persson Invest, both with respect to sales of sawn products in certain markets and in the procurement of raw materials.

Persson Invest and SCA own equal stakes in Gällö Timber.


Gällö Timber will utilise SCA Timber’s well-developed sales organisation, which will significantly boost our strength in the market for sawn products. The production is focused at sawing high quality spruce-products from the forests in the close surroundings of the sawmill.

Raw material supply

Raw material will be supplied by Gällö Skog and Persson Invest. 


Sweden is the main market with approximately 50 percent of the delivery volume. The major foreign customers are located in Japan, the Netherlands, France and Germany.


Number of employees/contractors: 79/5

Total production sawn products: 304,000 m3

SE-840 50 GÄLLÖ
Tel +46 693 182 00
Fax +46 693 200 13
Email info@gallotimber.se 


Urban Wiklund
Managing director,
Gällö Timber AB
Tel +46 693 182 09


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