FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. (Gallo Timbers FSC-license code: FSC-C107829) FSC certification is based on a voluntary system aimed at encouraging use of the world's forests in a manner that is beneficial to society, environmentally friendly and economical.

Some examples of what FSC-certified forestry means in Sweden:

  • Key biotopes, forest areas that harbour rare plant and animal species, are saved and preserved.
  • FSC® requires training, safety and security for forestry workers.
  • The forests are managed in a way that in the long-term will enable them to assume the qualities of a natural forest. The forest obtains a significant element of deciduous trees and dead trees, which are important for many lichens, mosses, birds and insects.
  • The forest is used for many purposes, i.e. timber production, reindeer breeding, outdoor activities, hunting, fishing etc. These activities are carried out with consideration given to each other and the environment.