About Gällö Timber

We have experience and solid knowledge, because we have been around for a long time. As early as 1879, the sawmill was established in Gällö, and we still saw here.

Gällö Timber purchases and sells forest raw materials and produces sawn timber. The core of the business is our sawmill located at Öhn in Gällö, Sweden. The town is located in the middle of Jämtland county, approximately 40 kilometers south of the town Östersund. We are today the largest sawmill in Jämtland county, measured in produced volume, and one of the largest in northern Sweden. In Bräcke Municipality, we are also the largest private employer with our roughly 130 employees.

Gällö Timber AB has existed since 2010 and is today owned by SCA. However, our history extends much further than that. Gällö Steam saw started on Öhn, which was actually an island at the time, outside Gällö already in 1879. Since then, of course, a lot has happened, and thanks to continuous development, we have managed to continue operating for almost 150 years. Despite the fact that our sawmill cannot take advantage of being close to the coast.

We currently produce approximately 360,000 cubic meters of sawn wood each year. Our customers are mainly in Sweden and Norway, but a lot is also exported to Europe, North Africa and China. Gällö Timber has become known for delivering good quality on time and our long-standing presence in the industry has also meant long-term and close relationships with our customers. Much thanks to our ability to adapt qualities and quantities based on their needs.