Our responsibility for sustainable forestry

Our environmental work is characterized by a holistic view and is conducted with the goal of achieving continuous improvements, preventing pollution and reducing our environmental impact.

Nature and environment

Environmental responsibility is included as a natural part of the business. Our environmental work is characterized by a holistic view and is conducted with the goal of achieving continuous improvements, preventing pollution and reducing our environmental impact.

Our operations are guided by a balance of what is technically possible, economically reasonable and ecologically justified.

Our employees show personal responsibility for the environment in their daily work, comply with applicable environmental laws and current PEFC and FSC® requirements.

In addition, we follow the development of environmental issues within the industry.

We do not handle raw materials from controversial sources*.
This means raw material from:

  • Illegal logging
  • Forests where high conservation values are threatened by forestry**
  • Forests where customary or civil rights are violated
  • Forests with genetically engineered trees
  • Natural forests that have been cleared for the purpose of using the area for plantations or non-forest land use

**In Sweden defined as key biotopes according to the Norwegian Forestry Agency's definition and methodology. Exceptions apply to fellings in key biotopes with the aim of enhancing natural values that have taken place in accordance with the forest protection authority's recommendation.

*If it becomes known that raw materials come from controversial sources, measures are taken immediately to stop this.

Social sustainability

Everyone at the saw is important and we are a safe and equal workplace. For us, the development of people in the workplace is important and therefore an important part of our company policy.

  • Gällö Timber AB's policy is to do business in accordance with applicable laws and with high business ethics.
  • The business is conducted in accordance with current practice on the labour market where the provisions of the collective agreement form the basis for agreement with employees.
  • The company collaborates and conducts work environment evaluations in such a way that a good and safe work environment, both physical and psychosocial, is achieved for all employees.
  • The company recruits employees with good skills and works for an equal workplace.
  • Personal development is an important part of the company's personnel policy.



FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. FSC® certification is the foundation of a voluntary system that aims to encourage socially beneficial, environmentally friendly and economical use of the world's forests.

In Sweden, FSC®-certified forestry means, among other things, that:

    • Key biotopes, forest areas that harbor rare plant and animal species, are saved and managed to preserve diversity
    • FSC® requires training, safety and occupational safety for the forest workers
    • The forest is managed so that in the long run it gets more of the qualities of the natural forest. The forest has a significant element of both deciduous trees and dead trees, which is important for many lichens, mosses, birds and insects
    • Multiple use characterizes the use of the forest, i.e. that wood production, reindeer husbandry, outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing and other uses are carried out with consideration for each other and the environment
    • Certificate No: DNV-COC-001780
    • CWC: DNV-CW-001780
    • Logo license no: FSC-C107829



PEFC is an abbreviation for "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification". The purpose of the PEFC Forest Standard is to develop sustainable forestry that has a good balance between production, environment and social interests.

Why choose PEFC-certified products?

  • PEFC supports the use of wood products as a renewable and environmentally friendly material.
  • PEFC promotes profitable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible forestry.
  • PEFC guarantees effective control of certified forests.
  • PEFC is supported by large parts of European forestry and has the potential to become a leading standard.
  • Certificate No: DNVSE-PEFC-COC-303
  • Logo license no: PEFC/05-32-27